Stand out from the crowd with Atomic Tangerine

Atomic Tangerine works with you to develop a strategy to achieve your business objectives, large or small. We understand that businesses have different requirements and are at different levels of maturity – one size does not fit all.

You may already understand your market and competitors, and need fresh thinking to take the next step; or your business may need to go back to basics and build a strategy from the beginning.


Whatever your business needs,
Atomic Tangerine can help you move the dial.

If you need help with marketing planning - this is a great option.
We can develop a project rate or work on a rate for time spent on your project.


Strategic services:

a burst of marketing smarts for your business

marketing strategy/plan

Your marketing strategy should be a clear articulation of what your organisation wants to achieve from marketing – and should align closely with your business objectives. Your marketing plan is tactical. It’s a step by step plan of actions that you need to take to achieve your marketing strategy. Atomic Tangerine can work with you to establish that strategy, develop a plan, and then help you deliver to the highest standards.   

marketing audit

If you want to better understand your marketing investment – what is working, what could be working more effectively, and how to make your marketing dollar return more – then an Atomic Tangerine marketing audit will be both constructive and instructive. Our diagnostic of your sales and marketing pipeline will provide a snapshot of your current performance and allow us to provide best practice recommendations to improve your performance in the future. 

brand development

Atomic Tangerine can help you deliver a strong, consistent and differentiated brand. Our creative, effective process crystallises what your brand stands for, how it works with your business and how you can articulate it in a way that differentiates you from your competitors. Alongside the key stakeholders within your business, we unpack your unique business proposition to deliver a clearly expressed brand identity that informs and supports your market growth

digital/social media strategy

Atomic Tangerine understands that most organisations want to drive online business presence to increase brand awareness, generate leads and develop conversations with customers. With a clear understanding of best practice, we can work with your team to create a full digital and/or social media strategy designed to support your business objectives. Online communities hold key engagement possibilities and Atomic Tangerine can help you identify when to engage, drive and share.

market research

Whether you are creating a new business, launching a product or looking to grow your market, start with the data. Atomic Tangerine can provide you with insights to access and engage your potential customers and deliver your message effectively. Whether you need market sizing or small, targeted focus groups to test your message, Atomic Tangerine can partner with you to provide insights that will drive your sales and marketing actions. 


Metrics drive business: without recording and understanding your data, it is impossible to accurately measure your return on investment. Atomic Tangerine can work with you to understand your processes then recommend reporting tools and data capture methods to help you understand the return on your marketing spend. Inform your sales and marketing practices: start by capturing the data then add smart analysis to translate true insights into your businesses capabilities.   

lead generation plans

Every business depends on new blood – but many businesses don’t understand how to find leads, or how to position their business to ensure prospective customers can find them. Atomic Tangerine can work with you to fine tune your marketing activities or augment them with new campaigns or offers to drive lead generation. Our creative yet practical approach can help you secure new clients and keep them engaged with your brand.


"Dedicated to achieving results in a professional and thorough manner, Sybil is equally engaged with the strategic focus and business process needs of her clients. Her energy and enthusiasm for helping her clients succeed can never be doubted, and she has a rare talent for the identification for 'success' opportunities."

Michael Partis, CEO, Australian Financial Advisors

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