Atomic Tangerine creates campaigns and implements marketing plans to achieve your business objectives. Atomic Tangerine can bring our network of trusted suppliers to any project – or we can work with your preferred teams. 

We can work with your team or you can completely outsource the project to us. With our collaborative, flexible approach, engage us whenever you need extra resources to deliver top class results!

If you need help with marketing planning - this is a great option.
We can develop a project rate or work on a rate for time spent on your project.


Tactical services:

Rolling up our sleeves and getting the job done

copy writing

Well written copy is interesting and engaging, takes into consideration your product, brand personality, brand style, tone and market position. Good copy takes a piece of collateral from ‘meh’ to ‘copy-tastic’! From printed brochures to web copy; fundraising letters to membership drives; electronic mail with high open rates to client case studies: it’s critical to invest in good copy. Atomic Tangerine’s professional writers clearly articulate your brand message, every time. 

campaign management & analysis

A major campaign to run, and not enough time to dedicate to it? Engage Atomic Tangerine and outsource the headache! From coordinating production schedules, running multiple online or print advertisements, to launching digital landing pages: we can manage your campaigns. Don’t invest in a channel if it’s not producing results? Metrics and data should drive tactics, so we’ll also track and analyse your campaign results to unpack the key insights.

website refocus

A website is a tool – but is yours the right tool for your audience? Who is using your website and why? Is that aligned with your brand? Are you addressing the right customers and delivering the most effective messages? Atomic Tangerine provides recommendations to refocus or completely refresh your site, wireframes to inform structure and a creative brief to drive design. We can recommend designers or work with your suppliers.

communications plan

A comprehensive communications plan aligns everyone in your organisation with a common understanding of messaging, client and internal communication. Everyone understands their responsibilities, and there’s a central reference point for all communications-related queries. Plans typically address a specific communications goal: an organisational restructure, a new product launch or a policy change. Atomic Tangerine assesses and refines current communications and develops new streams or channels to deliver your message most effectively. 

content marketing

‘Content is king’ is the new online mantra. Well designed, interesting, relevant, shareable content drives web presence, positively influences Google’s assessment of your site and increases brand awareness. Video, animation and info-graphics are on trend, but simple, informative blog posts are far from dead. The key is in developing and sticking to a regular content schedule. Atomic Tangerine can recommend best practice posting frequency and develop your content with you. 

social media management

Even for organisations who understand the benefits of social media, engaging all the different channels can be a time consuming and unfocussed exercise. Atomic Tangerine helps you fine tune your Social Media voice, style and tone. We will assist you in implementing the tools and schedules needed to ensure that you are engaging with the right channels at the right intervals and having the right conversations with the right communities.

presentations & pitches

Often a backwater in the marketing world, we believe that presentations and pitches are critically important. Professionally prepared and presented, presentations will improve your results, and enhance your businesses vision, aesthetic and brand, for both your external clients and your in-house team. From engaging and accessible presentation material, to the style and confidence of the presenter, Atomic Tangerine can work with you to ensure that every presentation is a knock-out! 

customer retention & referral generation

Many businesses are stuck on a treadmill of seeking new leads - but there is often a goldmine in your own customer database. The cheapest and highest converting leads are usually repeat or referral clients. How do you leverage your database to generate more business? Atomic Tangerine designs and implements ongoing customer retention and referral programs, to provide you with the data to embed this approach in your business processes. 


"Sybil is one of the rare breed of marketeers with the ability to manage a wide range of Marketing Activities including digital, online, collateral, industry white papers and events. She is also fantastic fun to work with."

Emma Dart, Global Director of Strategy & Marketing, IPscape

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